Key Topics

The following topics were ranked as highly interesting by the ISPMA community in our conference survey in spring. This should give you an indication to select your topics for contribution, but the conference is not limited to this topic list.

  • SPM in agile environments
  • New techniques and methods in SPM
  • SPM for high release frequency, e.g. DevOps, product discovery, A/B testing
  • SPM in mixed environments, i.e. high and low release frequency in the same organization
  • Transition from SW service into product business
  • SPM within corporate IT
  • Management of SW components tightly linked to HW products
  • ISPMA-based education, options, experiences

If you would like to contribute with a case study at the market place, a deep dive workshop, an explanatory how to session, an interesting topic for a World Café session, or with a presentation please submit your proposal here.