The Software Product Summit is the first international conference dedicated to the management of software and software-intensive products. Participate in the Software Product Summit to learn how to grow the success of your products and increase market share. During this informal 2-day gathering, you will learn from industry leaders in software product management, exchange experiences with fellow software product professionals and participate in short but exciting hands-on sessions.



30+ Distinct Sessions

For information on all the sessions that will take place on April 17+18 visit the program overview


Creative mix of session types

Software Product Summit 2018 features five session types specifically designed to foster informal knowledge exchange between attendees: an open area market place for case studies, expert-focused deep dive workshops, explanatory how to sessions, World Café sessions, and a continuous track of presentations.

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Topics of interest

Through a survey among ISPMA members we identified eight key topics that are of particular interest to software product professionals like yourself. Continue reading to find out more. If you would like to discuss another topic, please do not hesitate to bring up your own!

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